Upcycled Yoga Mat Bag

Upcycled Yoga Mat Bag

Spring time is the perfect time to get outdoors. I've been doing yoga indoors and with this weather it's the perfect time to take my mat outside (in my own backyard of course since we are practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak).

Upcycled Yoga Mat BagI had this sari wrap skirt that liked for the pattern but not for wearing.  One of the layers was also stained, so rather than part with it I decide to make this yoga mat bag.

Materials Used:

  • Sari Wrap Skirt halves x2 (one fabric for the inside and one fabric for the outside of the bag)
  • Tie from a sari wrap skirt (used for the strap)
  • Thread


    If you don't have any skirts you want to cut up then any fabric you have on hand will work.




    The first thing I did was choose my fabrics.  This one will be used for the outside of the bag.

    Outside fabric

    For the inside I choose this yellow layer.  It has staining on it and no-one will see it once the bag is completed.

    Inside fabric

    Next I measured my yoga mat as I wanted to make sure the finished bag will hold it.  I have 2 yoga mats so I measured them both.

    The dimensions I used to cut the fabric is:

    • Width: 23 inches
    • Length: 31 inches

    This allows for a seam allowance and space at the top. Cut 2 exactly the same size.  One for the inside of the bag and one for the outside of the bag.

    Cut fabric

    With right sides together sew the ends together.  Iron the seam open.

    Iron seam

    Fold the fabric in half right sides together lengthwise and sew the length of the bag.  Do not sew the bottom at this point.


    I double stitched the seam to add strength to the bag.  I don't know if thats the correct terminology but basically I just stitched the seam twice.

    Turn the bag right side out so that the layer you want for the outside of the bag is showing.

    Cut a piece of the tie from your skirt (or make your own) for the strap.  This one is 24 inches long.  I placed it 4 inches from the top of the bag along the seam.  This allows space for the tie closure.

    Pin the strap in place on both ends.  Make sure you only pin through the top two layers.  I accidentally pined through all four layers the first time and ended up having to re-do this step.

     Pin tie in place

    Sew the strap on each end.  I did an "X" pattern and sewed around the edge to give it some strength. 

    Next, measure and cut a piece of your tie for the tie closure and sew it to the top of your bag.  Do not sew the ends of the strap as you will need to insert the tie afterwards.

    Cut a circle for the bottom of the bag.  Turn the bag inside out.  Pin and sew the circle to the bottom of the bag.  It's ok that it has rough edges as no-one will see it on the inside of the bag.

    bottom inside of bag

    Turn the bag right side out.

    Finally cut a piece of fabric for the strap and fish it through the tie enclosure.  I cut a piece from the end of the skirt. Tie a knot in the end and that's it!

    tie closure of sari yoga bag

    Finished yoga bag

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