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Mystery Sari Wrap Skirt 35 - Ankle Length - Goddess Size

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$ 40.95 CAD
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$ 40.95 CAD

Mystery Sari Wrap Skirt 35 - Goddess Size.

Expected size is:

  • Waist: 60 to 76 inches not including ties.
  • Length: 37 to 43 inches

These skirts have been un-opened from our supplier so we don't know exactly what the skirt looks like.  We also don't know what the exact measurements are.  If you need to know the exact size and style don't buy this skirt.  If you want a little surprise why not join in the fun?

If you take a chance and purchase this mystery skirt we'd love it if you share a photo in our group:  Seatiful Life (but don't feel like you have too!) We'd just love to know what they look like!

As this skirt is made from recycled materials some damage is expected which adds to the uniqueness of the skirt rather than a flaw.